The jury may still be out on whether or not autocorrect on a smartphone is actually helpful, but here is one autocorrect application I think we can definitely put in the “Win” column.

Syntellia, a startup company founded by entrepreneur Kostas Eleftheriou and his business partner Ioannis Verdelis, set out to build a better predictive-typing app for the iPhone. This article from Fast Company highlights their accomplishment:

The result is Fleksy, an iPhone app that uses artificial intelligence to figure out what your fat fingers tried to spell on that tiny touch-screen keyboard. And when Verdelis says “type without looking,” he really means it: Fleksy’s first version is specifically for the blind.

Those of us who are not vision-impaired should be wary of relying too much on autocorrect when sending messages via smartphone. Most of us have probably seen some of the outrageously funny—or maybe just outrageous—examples of autocorrect gone bad, which are in such plentitude there is now a whole website devoted to them. Though it was designed to prevent errors, autocorrect can also create embarrassing mistakes.

But for those in greater need of the technology, Flesky is an autocorrect win.