More or Less? The Perfect Length for Social Media Posts

Okay, maybe perfect isn’t the right word. After all, we’re human. But you want to harness the power of social media and you want to do it right. Part of that is knowing what to say, how to say it, and how much to say to engage your audience.

What's the best social media post length?If your job is in content creation, you’re a writer, even if that’s not a title you’d readily give yourself. And as writers, it’s our job to communicate ideas and tell stories. Words are our brushstrokes, our musical notation, our shaping of the clay. But good writing is as much what we don’t say as what we do. Every word should be intentional.

So when it comes to writing for social media, how long is the ideal post? How do we get those coveted likes, comments, and click-throughs? There is no magic formula, but some best practices have been found by studying the millions of social interactions that occur every single day.