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How to Get the Email Responses You Want

Have you ever written a detailed email to a colleague, only to receive a reply that ignored most or all of what you covered? Or have you waited weeks for a response from a client before giving up hope of hearing back? Chances are you have plenty of stories related to these frustrating situations.

Miscommunication, or a lack of communication altogether, is a problem faced every day in the business world. It not only wastes time, but it can also cause missed opportunities and lost profits. So how can you avoid this common problem?

3 Ways to Imitate the Greatest Writer of all Time

Shakespearean lessons for content creators

Image: Wikimedia Commons

by Hannah Comerford, Scribe Contributor

This week the world celebrates Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. Whether you hated reading Romeo and Juliet or you find yourself quoting sonnets regularly, chances are your vocabulary shows signs of his influence. Don’t believe me? Shakespeare Online attributes over 1,700 words to Shakespeare. From our everyday language to West Side Story, it’s nearly impossible to avoid Shakespearean references in our Western culture. Just think of all the royalties he’d be making if still alive.

Not many of us will earn undying success in the way Shakespeare did. Yet, content creators can glean business wisdom from his creative practices. Here are three ways Shakespeare became a literary legend.

How to Develop a Great Presentation

by Hannah Comerford, Scribe Contributor

Have you ever sat through a poor PowerPoint presentation? Chances are you grew bored and distracted, your eyes strained from trying to read the slides, or you gave up on note-taking after your hand started cramping.

Can you remember sitting through a great presentation? If it was particularly well prepared, you probably still remember the key points, and you may even implement the information in your daily life. You left the presentation feeling connected to the speaker, whether you agreed with all the points or not.

Which category do your presentations fall into? Are they lackluster or brilliant? Whether you’re a pastor, a nonprofit coordinator, or a businesswoman, you want your presentations to deliver an impactful message. Take a look at the following steps to boost your presentation’s impact.

When to Break Your English Teacher’s Rules

by Hannah Comerford, Scribe Contributor

Today is National Teacher Day, a day to celebrate our teachers and their hard work. What our teachers taught us in English class is now a part of our subconscious, and we use the rules we learned in our everyday lives. Whether you liked diagramming sentences or hated spelling bees, your early lessons laid a foundation for your business writing.

However, as we grew older, the rules started to change. “I before E, except after C” added the stipulation, “or when sounded as A, as in neighbor and weigh.” Before long we realized that this didn’t even cover everything, and we simply gave up on the mnemonic altogether (at least I did!). Perhaps you’ve noticed this shift with other elementary school grammar rules: they’re often broken in the adult professional world. Why is this?

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