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We make it easy–and affordable–to collaborate with a team of communication experts.

When you schedule a project with us, you’re not just hiring one writer or editor. You get an entire team of talent.

  • A Project Coordinator devoted to discovering and meeting each of your project objectives and assigning the right associates to your work.
  • A Lead Scribe (writer, editor, translator, etc.) whose experience best matches your project needs.
  • One or more Content Reviewers who verify the quality of your work.

This allows our associates to focus on what they do best, while giving you the advantage of having more than one professional reviewing your project.

What are our rates?

To ensure you’re getting the best possible rates, we want to discuss with you all the particulars of your project, including objectives, audience, deadlines, word count, and other important details. We have found some projects are better estimated at an hourly rate, some at a flat fee, and others based on word count.

Whatever your ongoing or individual project needs, our goal is to build lasting partnerships with our clients. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your work is quoted at rates that are fair both for you and for the professionals who are working on your assignment.

Contact us to discuss your project today and receive an individualized quote. Be sure to inquire about our high-volume rates for proofreading and editing as well.


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