How to Beat the Bull: Eliminating Jargon from Your Writing

Much of today’s business communication is overloaded with jargon and corporate buzzwords.  Dilbert author Scott Adams has made millions by poking fun at the language used in the business world, and shows like The Office have become favorites for parodying workplace dialogue.

But when poor business communication starts costing you sales, it is no laughing matter.

Does Your Business Writing Stink?

Jargon spoils business writing as much as it does verbal communication. Products like BullFighter Software were developed to help people identify excessive jargon and “eliminate the bull” from their writing. But just as with spell-checkers, software only catches so much. It’s important to take a closer look at your writing and check for any jargon “droppings” left by the bull.

Here’s some of the B.S. (business-speak) that you should watch out for in your writing: